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What's it all about? What is a Freemason?

What is Freemasonry?



Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. Worldwide Freemasons number in excess of 6,000,000 men, united in their love of charity, fraternity and self-knowledge.

For many, its biggest draw is the fact that members come from all walks of life and  meet as equals whatever their race, religion or socio-economic position  in society. We are a secular, multi-faith organisation: asking only that candidates be men (generally over 21 years) of good standing in society, declaring belief in a Supreme Being.

Discussions about religion and politics in lodge are not only discouraged: they are simply not permitted.

ISIS Lodge counts as members men from all walks of life; soldiers, magistrates, policemen, bus drivers, accountants, builders . . .

Its values are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and  fairness. Freemasonry is founded on three great principles:  

  • Brotherly Love
    Tolerance and respect for the opinions of others and an obligation to behave with kindness and understanding to our fellow creatures.
  • Relief
    The practice of charity. Freemasonry is  known above all else for its substantial outward giving to many worthy  causes, donating many millions of pounds every year to masonic and  non-masonic charities.
  • Truth
    Masons strive for truth, aiming to achieve high standards in their public and private lives.

Freemasonry demands from its 250,000 members under the United Grand Lodge of England a respect for the law, with which its principles do not  in any way conflict. A freemason's duties are first to his God, then, without detriment to his family and those dependent upon him, to his fellow men. 

A freemason's duty as a citizen must always come first and it is a serious disqualification to attempt to use membership of the order to promote  one's own or anyone else's personal interests. 

Famous Freemasons


Over the last 300+ years, Freemasonry has been the home of numerous famous men, guided by the principles and rules laid out above. These include such notaries as:

Dr. T.J. Barnardo - Founder of the "Barnardo's" charity for vulnerable children and young people

The Duke of Wellington - Victor of Waterloo and Prime Minister

Harry Houdini - Escapologist

Nat King Cole - Jazz pianist & singer

Alexander Fleming - Discoveror of penicillin

Peter Sellers - Comedian and actor

Donald Campbell - World Speed Record holder

'Alf' Ramsay - England football manager

Winston Churchill - Prime Minister, soldier, author and WWII leader